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Calcific Pancreatitis
Plain x-ray, Ultrasound & CT scan images showing calcification of the Pancreas following pancreatitis.


Renal Infarction in a young adult male with Atrial Fibrillation, presenting as "acute renal colic".
Ultrasound, IVU, CT scan & MRI scan images. The diagnosis was suspected on the IVU, clinched on the CT scan & specifically elaborated by the MRI & MR Angiography.

image22.jpgivu - lt. kidney.png

both kidneys - cect.pngmri coronal.pngimage28.png

 Ectopic Pregnancy with a beating heart5 weeks & 6 days ectopic gestation with a beating foetal heart. Ectopic gestation was suspected on trans-abdominal USG & confirmed by endo-vaginal USG.

ectopic1 - 9.pngectopic pregnancy with foetal cardiac activity.png


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